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About Us

Hector and Jimmy, two passionate entrepreneurs who believe firmly in providing the best service for their customers, founded Hector’s Carpet Cleaning in 2016 and their shared interests and passion for cleaning services started years before their commencement of the company.

At Hectors Carpet Cleaning, it is known that having a carpet requires commitment and constant maintenance in order to keep the carpet looking new. To help with this, Hector’s Carpet Cleaning uses the newest machinery in order to efficiently clean and sanitizes all carpets.


We offer a whole range of services, those of which are most popular are as follows:

Commercial    Rug Cleaning

Residential    Office Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning    Furniture Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning    Home Cleaning

Contact Us

Tel: 917-417-5512 / 505-979-8529 / 317-289-3025